Improve workplace productivity through mental health support

Transform your organization by nurturing mental well-being, with personalized, AI-driven mental health support.
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Enhance employee Well-being

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Always available

Our platform allows for 24/7 immediate access to therapeutic support - a scalable, accessible benefit for your employees.

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Understand your emotions

Yuna analyzes your emotional state during sessions, providing insights into how different topics make your employees feel, even at the subconscious level.

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Drive lasting changes

Yuna's long-term memory helps drive lasting changes by adapting to each employee's needs over time.

Effective, Science backed care

Leveraging both cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy, guided by Yuna's clinical psychology Ph.D's we deliver effective, science backed care.
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Protecting your Emotional journey

At Yuna, we understand the importance of confidentiality and the sensitive nature of mental health data. This is why we make sure to follow the best steps to protect both your company's and your employees' data.
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We ensure every user's identity is verified with robust authentication processes. This means only authorized employees can access their accounts, safeguarding against unauthorized access and ensuring a secure environment for every user.

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All data, both in transit and at rest, is encrypted using advanced encryption standards. This approach keeps sensitive information secure, making sure that only those who should see it can. Whether it's personal insights or company data, encryption protects it every step of the way.

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Our privacy measures are designed with your safety in mind. We never sell or share personal data with third parties. Our commitment to privacy is about respecting and protecting the personal and confidential information of our users and their organizations.

Frequently Answered Questions

How does Yuna work?
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Meet Yuna, the innovative coaching tool that makes use of cognitive behavioral therapy patterns in its advanced AI system. It's designed to provide robust support for your personal growth journey, aiding you in achieving life goals and boosting self-confidence.

Is Yuna available 24/7?
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Yes! Yuna is ready to help whenever you need it.

How can I access the beta version?
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Just add your email to our early access list and we will reach out to you as soon as the beta is available.

How does Yuna ensure my data's privacy and security?
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Yuna utilizes advanced AI algorithms for real-time safety monitoring, adept at recognizing strong emotions or signs of trauma while keeping your conversations completely private.If it detects any concerning indicators, Yuna takes immediate action, seamlessly connecting you with a qualified healthcare professional.Your well-being, safety, and peace of mind are our utmost priorities throughout your journey.

What are the pricing and subscription options for Yuna?
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We've made personal growth affordable for all, at just $19.99 per month or $199 per year. Choose the plan that fits your needs and budget. With Yuna's Digital Wellness App, your personalized growth journey is always within reach.

A Safe Space For
Self Discovery

Enhance your well-being with Yuna: Your safe, easy AI therapy companion. Boost self-worth, alleviate anxiety, and revolutionize your thinking.
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