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Navigating the unexpected moments of life can be hard. Learn to overcome hurdles with the support of Yuna.
woman smilling using phone
woman using phone
Hey, I'm Yuna.
You are not alone, I'm an AI-powered mental health coach designed to support you to feel and become your best.

Always Available

Always Available

Whether you're dealing with late-night worries or early morning doubts, Yuna is here for you 24/7.
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Emotional clarity

The weight of life can be overwhelming. Yuna delivers calming techniques right when you need them. Be intentional about your well-being, and reclaim your peace.
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Your Anxiety

The weight of daily anxiety can be overwhelming.

Yuna delivers calming techniques right when you need them.

Take control of your well-being and reclaim your peace.
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Transform Your Thinking

Loved by Customers

Join a thriving community of users who have rated Yuna five-stars for its effectiveness and support.

Affordable Wellness

Say goodbye to the high costs of traditional help, like therapy. Yuna offers quality mental health conversations at a fraction of the price.
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Ready to start your journey? Download Yuna

Download Yuna on the iOS App Store today and take the first step towards a more emotionally healthy you.

Protecting Your Emotional Journey

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Confidential Conversations

Your conversations remain confidential, encrypted, and for your eyes only. No-one will have access to your data.
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Created with PhDs in clinical psychology, Yuna offers succinct, research-driven conversations.
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Wellness Tracking

Yuna assists in monitoring your emotions, linking you with mental health professionals when needed.
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Your Safety
is Our priority

Your Safety is Our priority

Yuna utilizes real-time safety monitoring to identify signs of trauma or heightened emotions in your conversations. If such indicators are present, Yuna offers an immediate connection to a qualified healthcare professional for further guidance. **

Loved by Many
Healing Hearts

Hear from users who’ve found comfort and a new beginning post-breakup with Yuna.
Rated 5/5 for compassionate support during tough times.

This is like having a professional therapist 24/7, it's unbelievable!
I recently started using Yuna by Mindframes and, honestly, it’s been a transformative experience.
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Evan Nicolini

5 stars rating
Game Changer
Honestly love this app! Therapy was always too expensive for me although I always wanted to do it for my mental health.
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5 stars rating
Exceptionally surprised. This is revolutionary!
I’ve been using the app for a few days now and it is simply revolutionary.
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5 stars rating
Wow! This was great! Woke up feeling stressed about some things so decided to talk to Yuna about it. I got some great feedback.
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5 stars rating
Dang this is wild
I’ve been to a lot of therapists over the years and I loved how simple this was to use and get started.
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J Pro

5 stars rating

Frequently Answered Questions

How does Yuna work?
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Meet Yuna, the innovative coaching tool that makes use of cognitive behavioral therapy patterns in its advanced AI system. It's designed to provide robust support for your personal growth journey, aiding you in achieving life goals and boosting self-confidence.

Is Yuna available 24/7?
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Yes! Yuna is ready to help whenever you need it.

How can I access the beta version?
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Just add your email to our early access list and we will reach out to you as soon as the beta is available.

How does Yuna ensure my data's privacy and security?
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Your privacy is our priority at Yuna. What happens between you and Yuna is private and will never be shared, sold, or used without your permission. Your conversations remain confidential, encrypted, and for your eyes only. We utilise advanced AI algorithms for real-time safety monitoring to recognise strong emotions or signs of trauma. Rest assured that your data is secure and your well-being is our utmost priority throughout your journey.

What are the pricing and subscription options for Yuna?
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We've made personal growth affordable for all, at just $8.99 per month. With Yuna's Digital Wellness App, your personalized growth journey is always within reach.

A Safe Space For
Self Discovery

Enhance your well-being with Yuna: Your safe, easy AI therapy companion. Boost self-worth, alleviate anxiety, and revolutionize your thinking.
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