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Our mission is to provide the world's Best Therapeutic Experience and to make it Universally Accessible.
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1 Billion lives

Therapy has changed our lives, and we feel a moral obligation to extend this transformative healing to everyone - breaking down barriers to high-quality mental health care.

We aim to change 1 billion lives, by harnessing the power of Al to provide affordable, personalized, and timely support to those in need.

Our Team

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Grant Winns

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Andreas Michaelides

PhD Psychology Advisor
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Tanner Wallis

Head of product
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Aaron Foss

Head of AI
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Dan James

Head of Ops
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Daniel Vloothuis

ASO expert
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Sourav Chandra

Software engineer
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Samana Tahir

IOS Developer
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Ajay Mann

Software engineer

A Safe Space For
Self Discovery

Enhance your well-being with Yuna: Your safe, easy AI therapy companion. Boost self-worth, alleviate anxiety, and revolutionize your thinking.
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